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Keep The Old, And Revamp To New

POSTED ON: September 10, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

HI!! My name is Priscilla Rodriguez and I’ve been at DDGI for almost 15 years!! I guess I’ve always known Interior Design and Architecture were in my blood; I remember building my own dollhouse out of a cardboard box at the age of 10! I even made the furniture to go in it!!  Kind of seems to go hand in hand with my life today. You see, I am part of the incredible computer drafting team, who helps our clients’ envision their homes even before the dirt is poured. And I’m also a DIY mother of two.  So, I get my LOVE for architecture and design both at work and at home.

Here’s one of my favorite DIY pieces that I’ve done so far...

Have you ever flipped through catalogs or searched websites and came upon a beautiful piece of furniture that was beyond your budget?  Well, working with high end interior designers, my eye always catches extravagant pieces like these, ranging from $500 to $2500!!....outside of my daily budget! 

3 Drawer Chest with Silver Nail-head Trim by Coast to Coast Accents

Cabrillo Nail head Dresser by Bernhardt Interiors 

But lucky for my pocketbook, I’m a thrifty buyer at heart.  After seeing those prices and not finding quite the right size for my closet, I opted to go to my local thrift store, and, my thrift store never seems to fail me! I found the piece I was looking for.... (drum roll please) $35.00!!!! Can you imagine the happy dance I did? 

Now I had to figure out how to make this look like a million bucks!

After searching online I came across other DIY nail head cabinets. To my surprise, many makeovers used thumbtacks instead of nail heads (which can add to the cost). So, I opted to purchase gold toned thumbtacks. As far as for the paint, I knew I wanted a neutral color. Lucky for me, one of my friends gave me left over gray paint and it was just the perfect color I needed! 

Next came the design….I love damask pattern, so I quickly searched a design and came up with the perfect look for what I was imagining.  I was able to draw the design in CAD and size it to what I needed.

Them came the elbow work! Luckily, this piece was in great condition! I really didn’t have to fix anything. When doing a project like this, you must do the prep work correctly. First, I sanded the cabinet and primed it. I had to do a few times to smooth any imperfections. After waiting a day for dry time, I painted the gray, flat paint on the entire piece. I waited another day to make sure paint was dry and decided not to do a seal the finished product because I really wanted to keep the paint looking flat.

Now, came the fun, yet hard part. I placed my stencil carefully on to the painted cabinet. I made sure it was centered and started outlining the design with a pencil.  

Finally, the tedious part of nailing hundreds of thumbtacks! I had to be careful NOT to make too many holes and in the process banging my fingers (can you say ouch?) After a few hours of hammering maybe some close calls to my fingers, it was done!!!


This was the breakdown of the cost of this makeover:  

                        $35.00 (Cabinet)

                        $5.00   (thumb tacks)

                        $0.00   (paint given by friend)

                        $0.00   (primer from previous projects)

           +           Patience and some elbow work


Total= $40.00 and a Proud owner of a Nailhead dresser

Do you have a piece of furniture that you want to add some character to? Try this method! You won’t be disappointed!