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Designing Outside The Box

POSTED ON: September 21, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

Hello there everybody! I’m Tawni! Growing up, I was the girl who rearranged my bedroom (and five other siblings rooms) almost weekly! My mother always asked my opinion whether it was on furniture selection, placement, color, or even her outfit for the day. She always thought I had a keen eye for good design. I carried that passion with me to further graduate with a bachelors degree in Interior Design. In Uni, I remember being scolded for thinking too far “outside of the box,” on a project. However, within weeks of working with Dallas Design Group, I was complimented that it was a strong suit of mine. And thanks to our awesome builders—I now see our innovative ideas can actually come to life! Thinking outside of the box I believe is a talent we should all exercise in the design field. So I decided to write my first blog on just that!

Three reasons we should all keep our creative minds young.

Reason #1: Thinking outside of the box opens up an endless amount of possibilities in a design.

Although we can ponder some pretty outrageous ideas—the more inspiration in the conceptual stage, the better!

Reason #2: You’re surrounded by everything you need!

By simply noticing the elements of design in objects and the environment around us—we can be inspired ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! Ex. The Line, Color, Shape, Positive and Negative Space, Texture, Scale, Dominance and Emphasis, Balance, Harmony, etc.

Reason #3: What if it works? We never know until we try. Having a supportive team to collaborate with (like Dallas Design GroupLaughing) is vital. It can be scary to deviate from the set way of doing things, but if you’re on auto-pilot all the time you can’t look at things from a different angle. And often, that’s when you find the solution!  

It’s easy to get stuck in our ways, repeatedly doing things the way they have always been done—I mean why not, it’s worked hasn’t it!? But, while thinking outside of the box may initially be used as a tool for inspiration, I do believe thinking inside of the box is just as important. Especially in terms of functionality and longevity! But, the two together are the perfect combination for a fabulous outcome! 


Below are some pictures I took while studying in Paris. These architects and designers obviously achieved unique and beautiful design! 

Louis Vuitton Foundation –Frank Gehry


Eiffel Tower –Gustave Eiffel & Steven Sauvestre 

Louvre Pyramid –I.M. Pei

Musee du quai Branly –Jean Nouvel

Centre Georges Pompidou –Piano & Rogers


We’ve got to keep those creative juices flowing! You have a unique contribution to society that only YOU can give! And remember, nothing ever starts with a harvest—it all starts with a seed that initiates the process. 

“What if the long list of explorers, leaders, inventors, scientists, and more who have each stepped outside the box to bring their own unique influence and ideas never did? What if all of history had never been touched by the bravery and radical choices of those who opened up their minds to the possibilities of new and different things? The concept is mind-boggling. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your contribution, your uniqueness, is not important enough to pursue, either. For every historic icon, for every hero, for every name that rings of greatness, there are hundreds of thousands who made their own contribution that, while it significantly impacted our society, we will never know by name.”

–Brian McDaniel