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DIY Halloween Decor

POSTED ON: October 12, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

Halloween is upon us and there’s just something about letting your imagination run wild with costumes and decorations! In searching for some new ideas last year, I came across one of my favorite blogs and fell in love with these cool books for Halloween!

So for last Halloween, my little Alex and I decided to try and make them.

This year we decided to buy more books and make more! So we shopped at our favorite, thrift store, Thrift Town, for some cheap books and went at it!

You can check out Lindsey's step by step tutorial here. They are so easy to make and the best part is that they don't have to be perfect! They should look old and spooky!!

I will say doing these for a second year, I have some very helpful hints.

  1. Using tissue paper is better than paper towels because tissue paper can give a more textured, leathery look.  Also, some of the books have a sheen to them so the paint doesn't stick very well.  The tissue paper (after dried) helps to apply the acrylic paint much better.
  2. Using metallic acrylic paints helps emphasize all the details!!
  3. When you don't have letters or appliqués to adhere to the books, use your hot glue gun to make words or/and spooky designs!!
  4. Also, you want to add paint to the side where the pages are, so it can have an even older look to them.This year though I decided to make a stack of spook books (one day I will have a library of spooky books to display ??). In doing so, these were done a little different than the others, which have the full front cover revamped! Since you only get to see the spines and some of the sides, once glued together, it's less revamping. So what I did first is decide how they would be stacked. Then I glued them together and started the process. You literally just revamp the areas you will see! And then you add a book with the spooky cover, on the end.

Here they are displayed!

So because I can't just stop there, when I was at the thrift store, I saw items that I could use to recreate some of these fab items I saw at Home Goods, some weeks ago!

You ask, why not buy them?? Well, because I like a challengeWink

I found these items and I thought these would be perfect!

So I decided to paint some of the items with a black flat spray paint and a metallic spray paint to paint some of the glass items. 

These are literally two or three pieces hot glued together to create one piece.

So here you go! If you want to get creative and do it on a budget!

Place your newly designed items with your spooky books and voila!!

After you have your spook books and items in place you can add more details. My kiddos added spiders, spider webs and even some cool stones, collected by their Grandma Denise! 

I hope you have your creative juices flowing now, to spruce up your Halloween decor!