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Make Your Own Front Door Autumn Wreath

POSTED ON: November 20, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

I love decorating for any season. Fall season is one of my faves because of the beautiful colors you can use throughout your house, inside and outside.  I wanted to give my front door some fall deco love.

This year I went to the very trusty Pinterest app and looked up some great ideas! I found one that had the same, square wood border I bought on clearance at Michaels, back in July!

I was then on the search for an “R” for our last name and I couldn't quite find what I liked, until I visited the Grapevine Wine Fest in September! A vendor, Scott's Stuff, had these beautiful wood carved letters! When I took it home it just happened to fit perfect over the wood border I already had. 

Next, came picking colors. I wanted to take this example I found and make it my own.  I wanted to add color and some sparkle.  I love me some shimmer!!

I used the following spray paints:

Champagne Mist by Rust-Oleum, for the “R” | Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon, for the outer border | Pure Gold by Rust-Oleum for the pumpkins

Now time to paint!! Make sure you don’t get too close when you spray paint. You want an even smooth coat.  Spray paint about 10” away from your items. Move your hand steadily as you spray and make sure you don’t stay in one spot, to avoid running or clumping.

After the paint dries completely, glued the border and letter together.  I used JB Weld Epoxy, which worked very well and glues in one hour! Make sure you don’t get any on your fingers. Smile

After painting and gluing the border and letter together comes the pretty stuff! I purchased some items from Dollar Tree, Walmart and Michaels! I gathered my items and decided what I did and did not want to use.  I placed my items where they would look good together.  After I was happy with the placement, I started gluing everything down with hot glue. I then added a burlap bow and voila! This is probably the easiest wreath to do!

I’m loving the end result! My door is ready for fall!!

Here are some other great and different wreaths that I love and may attempt later. You could even use these fall looks and transform one into a Christmas wreath! 

1. Rustic burlap wreath by The Creative Gypsy | 2. Whimsical wreath by Confessions of A Serial Diyer 3. Gold gilded wreath by Happy Chantilly | 4. Square wreath by BNND | 5. Feather and Sequins by Nest of Posies 

I hope you find the prettiest fall wreath for your front door! Happy Fall, ya’ll!!