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POSTED ON: January 21, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group


Tis the season, for a perfect winter wedding! Like so many others I also opted for a winter wedding and here are my favorite inspirations for planning the perfect one. 

Color Schemes:

When planning a winter wedding keep the season in mind. Luckily there are many beautiful options from all snow white to deep rich colors. If you love it all, think of doing an all winter white ceremony and transitioning into the deep rich colors for your reception (what a wow factor)! 

Setting the Mood:

Layers, lighting, and textures are sure to help set the mood for your special day. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a beautiful snowy back drop. If you are, think about taking some intimate pictures in the snow… how romantic! For those of us without snow there are other options to set the mood. Candles of varying heights will help give the layered look along with giving a soft warm glow. 

1.  Snowfall Wedding Photo | 2. White Floral Aisle | 3. Elegant Philadelphia Wedding |

 4. Black & Gold Stationary | 5. Colin Cowie Weddings

Adding florals not only pulls in color it also adds texture, think about mixing tall arrangements for drama and lower arrangements that encourage conversation. 

1. Classic Winter White Wedding | 2. Magnolia Centerpieces | 3. Thorncrown Chapel | 4. Chandeliers | 5. Christmas Cedarwood Wedding | 6. Janet Howard Studio | 7.  Hanging Tea Lights | 8. Thisbe Grace Photography 

Make it Personal:

Adding personal touches not only makes it special for you but it also makes your guest feel special and included in the festivities. Personalized gifts, fun facts as table numbers, pictures of loved ones who could not be there, and using your vows as the backdrop or aisle runner helps add that extra special personal touch. 

1. Green World Project | 2. Cigar Bar | 3. Engraved Flask |4. Milestones | 5. Bouquet of Memories|6. Personalized Cufflinks | 7. Vow Aisle Runner

Warm Hearts:

It is all about the dress but with a winter wedding there are other fabulous options and additions to keep in mind. Long sleeve gowns are great options but you could also try a beautiful vintage fur wrap or a show stopping cape! Talk about a “WOW, look at the bride!!!”

1. Ashi Studio | 2. Thisbe Grace Photography | 3.Valentino Couture 2015| 4. Studio Cabrelli | 5. Ashi Studio | 6. Mountain Elegance | 7. Winter Plaid 

How Sweet It Is:

Having a hard time deciding on a desert…why have one when you can have several. Bite size deserts and desert displays let your guest pick what they prefer. 

1. Sweet Details | 2. Candy Buffet | 3. S’mores | 4. Cake Pops | 5. Gold Cake | 6. Hot Chocolate Bar

Bring on the Bubbly:

When celebrating with loved ones who doesn’t love a little bubbly? This is another great opportunity to throw in another personalized touch and seasonal twist with special wedding cocktails the couple picks out, drink stirrers, a favorite wine that’s offered with dinner, or personal mini champagne bottles to cheers the newlywed couple. 

1. Champagne | 2. Kyushiki (Japanese Old Fashioned) | 3. Jarvis |

4. Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer | 5. Infamous Wisdom | 6. Escort Cards 

Make it Sparkle:

Adding a little metallic touch here and there helps add that sparkle to your big day. From the lettering on invitations, mixed metal place settings, jewels on shoes or even on the cake will be sure to make your event sparkle and pop. 

1. Name Cards | 2.  Art Deco Brooch Shoes | 3. Black & Gold Stationary | 4. Mixed Metals | 5. Art Deco Cake 

Happy Wedding Day!!