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An Organized Home For The New Year

POSTED ON: January 12, 2017, BY Dallas Design Group

With the New Year comes new resolutions, a new fit you, new beginnings and even an organized/redesigned home.  If you’re like me, you waited to put away all things “holiday-ish” before you dived into getting your home in order.  Here are some tips for some rooms that sometimes get forgotten about.


A mudroom typically is a room or an area that ends up being a drop off and catch all for the family.  Because this area is typically where you enter and leave your home for the day, you want it to stay organized to keep you and your family on track.  Here are a few tips to achieve that.

1. If you don’t have room for a built-in cabinet, do what our very own Tracy Rasor, did here.  A well designed and thought out wall unit that includes a clock, hooks for hanging, slots for small items and magnetic and cork boards for notes. 

2. A media drawer in a mudroom built-in cabinet, can keep your phone charging while hiding all the cords and plugs, keeping it nice and neat. 

3. Since we enter and leave often through this area, make sure to use tile flooring for easy clean up. 

4. Placing baskets in the mudroom with labels or names on them can help organize and find things in a time crunch. 

5. Try a simple and minimalist mudroom/entry area like this to avoid disorder. 

6. Because our lives can get really busy with spouses and kids, placing a calendar and/or chalkboard for notes can make those hectic days, run a little more smoothly. 


Getting your closet organized is a must.  An unorganized closet can be overwhelming especially on those busy mornings.  Here are a few easy tips that can help you get your closet organized.

1. Lisa Barron designed a closet with open shelving and double hung rods for easy access. The use of serene, neutral paint colors allow for a relaxing and more organized closet.

2. Tracy Rasor (Desco Fine Homes) designed this fabulous closet with mirrored doors and plenty of display areas.  There’s even a display for the client’s beautiful wedding dress! If your closet space permits, don’t hesitate to display some of your favorite pieces that make you happy!

3. Jewelry drawers can help keep jewelry organized and out of sight. 

4. I love these practical and simple drawers with acrylic fronts.  It makes it easy to see what’s in them!

5. We tend to keep things when we don’t need or utilize. Follow this list to help you decide on what you can use or perhaps could part with.

6. Now, if you're technology savvy...this is for you! Stylebook is a wardrobe organization and closet management app that can help get you organized in a cool and easy way!  With this app you can upload pics of your clothes, shoes and accessories, which enable you to virtually view your closet at any time.


If you love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, an organized pantry can make life and cooking a little easier.  Follow these simple rules to enjoy a well-established pantry.

1. This modern pantry designed by Tracy Rasor and Chelsea Hargrave (Jim Johnson Group) is designed with opaque glass uppers and drawers below to hide away some of the visual clutter.

2. Use wire baskets for the things you do want to be able to view and reach for quickly. 

3. A pantry can also be used to display items such as cookbooks and serving ware.  Place them where you can access them easily.  Clear jars and labeled baskets can also help keep your pantry organized.

4. When utilizing these clear containers to store ingredients such as sugar, flour, salt they all begin to look alike. Make your life a bit easier and check out these labels that you can download, print and place on these clear containers for identification.

5. Nancy Dubick designed this butler’s pantry to not only store but also display all her client’s silver serving ware.  Glass/mirrored doors and the pop of subtle color gives this otherwise boring pantry an impeccable designer look.  We could only dream! 

6. I, personally, thought this was brilliant! Placing directions on containers that store mixes or grains for things such as pancakes, rice, biscuits, can make it easy for anyone in the family to prepare.  

Laundry Room

If your household is anything like mine, we all get inundated with laundry! But, you can make life a little easier if you follow these tips.

1. Rebecca Kennedy (Milan Design Build) designed this prodigious laundry room with ample counter space and cabinet storage for her client. 

2. and 3.  If you opt for open shelving, place baskets like these for storage.  Using shorter baskets can make it easy to see what’s being stored in them. 

4. and 7. Pull out storage can help hide away such things as dirty laundry or even dog food.  

5. A hanging rod to hang laundry can help you keep your counters free of clothes. 

6. To save some space in a smaller laundry room, add a built in/pull down ironing board

I hope some of these tips help you start off the New Year right!






Fall Inspired Design & Style

POSTED ON: September 14, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

These long summer days are no doubt making us dream about the fall season.  Along with the chilly weather, turning of the leaves and the infamous Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, the other thing we look forward to is the cozy yet stylish fall outifts.  As we’ve mentioned before here, fashion speaks interior design and vise versa.  So here are some of our very own designed spaces that could very well inspire a fall wardrobe for that man in your life and influence your home design too!


Home| Him


Him| Home


Home| Him


Him| Home


Home| Him


Him| Home


Home| Him


Come on fall!





Living In Color

POSTED ON: August 24, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

We are at the tale’s end of this year’s summer season and just because summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean you can’t have pops of color in your home.  It will no doubt help you brighten your future fall and winter days.  Here are some unique ways to add some colorful hues to your everyday living!

Captivating Ceilings

Painted walls are not the only way to add color to a room.  Color on a ceiling can make a grand statement to any room.

1| 2| 3

Color In the Details

When using light colored paints on walls, adding a contrasting paint color on the trim work can add some interest to your walls.

 1| 2| 3

Bold Built Ins

Let’s not forget the built ins! A plain bookshelf can be brought back to life with a pop of color.  Or what about a bold painted built in cab or furniture piece? It will definitely add a wow factor!

1| 2| 3

Colorful Fixings

Colorful fixtures and appliances will catch anyone’s attention! You don’t see these colorful pieces often, so when you do, these pieces bring some fun into a room.

1| 2| 3

Color At Your Feet

You can never go wrong with flooring to add a pop of color.  Whether it is tile or wood, you can’t miss this most obvious and colorful detail!

1| 2| 3

Ready for some color in your life?





Dorm Room Designing

POSTED ON: August 19, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

It’s back to school and there’s nothing more exciting than a new start in a new school year, especially when you’re starting college!  One of the cool things you get to do is design your own dorm room/space.  Dorm rooms are a representation of you and your personality but because they can be small spaces it can be a little hard to make it your own.  Here are some tips on how to make your room stylish, comfortable and well utilized.

Sleeping Quarters

  • When selecting bedding, choose something that’s comfortable and add lots of pillows.  Try using different patterns and colors.  Pillows can be used not only for coziness but company can use them to sit on.
  • Because space is limited, use a rolling cart that you can move around or a mesh drawer unit that you can easily view your items. 
  • Words of encouragement can be ideal when you’re going through your college years.  Printed and framed quotes can be encouraging and decorative.  You can't have enough of these!
  • Lastly, find a simple yet cool rug.  It adds depth and warmth to any room.  

12 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 |9 |10

Study Time

  • Since space is restricted, use the wall above your desk to store books, stock supplies and make notes.  Don’t forget to personalize it! 
  • Use wire desk accessories to easily view what you have on your desk. 
  • Add some “wow” pieces like painted mason jars (with silk flowers) or cool book ends, that won’t break the bank. 
  • Let’s not forget lighting for that late night study sesh.  A cool desk lamp, even one with a wireless charging station can be very useful in your dorm room.
  • If you don’t want to do shelves or a cool pin board above your desk, try some cool wire wall grids that are easy to use and remove.

12 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8

Good luck this school year!! Go get ‘em!





Go For The Gold

POSTED ON: August 08, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

The Summer Olympics 2016 have been underway and we've been sitting at the edge of our seats waiting to see who the winners will be, especially the Gold Medal winners! Gold has always been a symbol of achievement and victory in the Olympics.  When it comes to interior design, gold has always been a fan favorite and we see why.  Adding gold tones and hues can give a room a sense of sophistication, prestige and luxury.  Here are some of our favorite interiors and products decked out in their own gold and glory.

Lights and Golds

1| 2| 3| 4| 5

Darks and Golds

1| 2| 3| 4

 We Go For the Gold

Our clients love to add gold touches to their homes. Here are some ways we incorporated gold in their homes with furniture, flooring and plumbing.

1| 2| 3| 4

We have incorporated elegance and sophistication in beautiful subtle ways in our own office space.  We certainly are fans of gold!

Products We Love In Gold

1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9| 10| 11| 12

It’s your time to shine!  How will you go for the gold in your home?





Go Bold With Geometric Floors

POSTED ON: July 15, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

Have you ever wanted to add some interest to a room, but didn’t know how? How about doing it with a geometric flooring design? They are becoming ever so popular and the designs have become show stopping focal points.  Check out these daring floor patterns!

Come On In

Try adding a unique geometric floor design in your entry way or throughout your home’s hallways.  Your guests will be impressed and won’t be able to get their eyes off your bold floor.

1| 2| 3

Let’s Get Cooking

Many people spend a lot of time in their kitchen, cooking and entertaining.  Why not add an impactful floor for all to enjoy?  A geometric floor pattern in a clean-lined kitchen can add a lot of interest and make it more inviting.

1| 2| 3

Rub A Dub, Wow!

Even though bathrooms can be more private and smaller than other rooms in the house, they too can strut a cool floor design.  Dare to be daring in your bathroom.  You’ll never want to leave!

1| 2| 3

The Sky’s the Limit

You can easily accomplish a geometric design with tile and stone.  If your pockets don’t allow it; carpets, rugs and stair runners can also help you incorporate a striking geometric floor design in your humble abode.  The possibilities are endless!

1| 2| 3

Are you ready to make your floor a showstopper?





Outdoor Living for the Summer

POSTED ON: June 24, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

Summer is officially here and our backyards and patios get the most use, this time of the year.  Whether you want it to be your oasis or have something for entertaining, your patio may need a little more attention right about now.  Need some ideas on how to spruce it up? Here are a few tips that may help you enjoy the outdoors a little more.

Take a Seat

Choose seating that will be comfortable and fits perfectly in your outdoor living space.  Plenty of seating is a must if you plan on entertaining a lot this summer.  Try to incorporate some ottomans, fun chairs or even a hanging chair.  And while you’re are it, don’t forget to add some pillows for a pop of color or pattern.  


Light It Up

Lighting is vital! Adding a grand chandelier, can add a great focal point to a patio.  Lighting on steps or a walkway can light up a pathway to and from the patio which can create great ambience on those more pleasant summer Texas nights!


Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Planters with flowers and/or plants can add such a beautiful touch to your outdoor space.  Whether you enjoy foliage or blooms, you can’t go wrong with either one.  Adding mirrors and candles outside can give the outdoors, a sense of indoors.


Make it Comfy

If you want your patio to be somewhat of a little getaway, having drapes in your outdoor patio can add a relaxing effect and give you some sense of privacy.  Another way to get some privacy, is with a covered pergola, which also gives you some shade from the Texas heat.  And if you really want to relax, how about adding a hammock under a tree? 


I hope some of these ideas and tips help you create the most inviting outdoor living space for your guests and a relaxing oasis for you.

Happy First Week of Summer!





Happy Father's Day

POSTED ON: June 17, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

Father’s Day is this weekend and if you are still trying to get a perfect gift, don’t worry, we have you covered! Time after time we get dad, those boring ties and gadgets he never uses.  

How about this year, you spend time with your dad and create some fun memories! Here are some great ideas that you can do, to spend some time with your dad.

D Magazine

Guide Live

Open Table

We hope everyone spends a great day with their dads!

As for us, at DDGI, we want to wish our dads a VERY





2016 Swiss Avenue Mother's Day Home Tour

POSTED ON: May 13, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

The 2016 Swiss Avenue Mother's Day Home Tour was this past weekend and it featured six of Dallas’ most fabulous early 20th Century homes.   This year’s lineup showcased three Classic Prairie Foursquare homes, a Tudor Revival home, a Dutch Colonial home, and a Spanish Mission Revival home.

Year after year, homes and styles are all different and this year, the homes open to the public, did not disappoint! Several homes celebrated their 100th birthday this year and it’s really interesting to see items that were with the homes from the very beginning, still incorporated in the home to this day.  Every home was impressive in their own way! Here’s a peek at some of my favorite things from this tour.

For the Love of Black and White

I love color but these black and white areas, flooring and accessories made me appreciate black and white with its cleanliness and sleek look!

How About Some Wallpaper?

These wallpapers gave these historic homes such a fun and modern look! These wallpapers sure made an impact in these rooms.

Making It Your Own

Each and every home definitely had great furniture, lighting and accessories! Whether they were original, antiques or modern, the mix of it all was great! Each home had their own unique style.

Keeping the Old

I love that a lot of the original architecturals are still kept in mint condition and still considered timeless. Stairs, leaded glass and stained glass, all original!  My favorites were the stairs in her closet that lead to the attic which also served to reach shoes and offers extra seating in the closet.  And who can forget the telephone niche?? 

Let’s Repurpose!

This was one of my favorite ways to repurpose items from the original house.  I loved that the walls are covered in the original wood floors that were removed.  The bar front and the ceiling fur down detail are all made up of old doors. So clever!

I can’t wait for next year’s Swiss Avenue Mother's Day Home Tour!!

I hope to see you there!








Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

POSTED ON: April 18, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

This year, Teacher Appreciation Day is May 3rd and Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd thru May 6th.  It’s fast approaching and I’m looking forward to showing my appreciation to my kids’ teachers.  Like many parents, I love to give thanks to my kids’ teachers thru the typical gifts, such as a gift cards, flowers or the cute DIY gifts.  This year I wanted to try something a little different and I found some great ideas that any teacher would love.

For the Teacher’s Desk

These are some fun gifts that your teacher can use all year long and your child would love to see on their teacher’s desk!


Personalized With Love

Make it extra special when you have their gift personalized! Any teacher would feel the love with these gifts!


This One’s For the Mister

Gifts tend to gear towards the female teachers.  But I found some great ideas for those male teachers and coaches in your child’s lives. 


A Spin on the Typical Gifts

If you’re tired of the same-o gifts, such as flowers, gift cards, donuts and gift baskets, here’s some gifts that are a different route to those typical gifts! There’s even an extra card holder for all those gift cards they will get!


I hope these ideas help you in the right direction of gift giving!  Great teachers deserve our gratitude, not only during this week, but every day!






Easter Tablescapes And Settings

POSTED ON: March 22, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

Easter lunches and dinners are around the corner and some of us will have family and friends over for an Easter meal.

Want to impress them? Well, we have some inspirational ideas that we thought would go perfect with Heather’s Holiday Tablescape and Settings.  

We hope these ideas help you design your perfect Easter table setting! 

1| 2| 3

1| 2| 3

1| 2

1| 2| 3

1| 2| 3

Happy Easter!


Easter Crafting: Making Cascarones

POSTED ON: March 15, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

Have you ever heard or seen cascarones? If so, you know how much fun they can be! If not, here's an easy Easter craft to do with your family!

Cascarones are fun colored empty egg shells filled with confetti.  They are most commonly seen around Easter.  They originated in China and then brought to Spain and Italy by Marco Polo.  They used to be filled with powdered perfume and were popular with the women of high society.  Not until they came to Mexico in the 1860’s by an Emperor’s wife, were they then filled with confetti.  They are used in several Latin celebrations, the most popular one being Easter.  They say that getting a cascaron broken on your head is supposed to be good luck or a show of affection.  

They have become more and more popular and you can find them in several grocery stores.  Now that I have my own kids, we have been doing this tradition of making them ourselves for years.  We save our empty eggshells all year long. They are so easy and fun to make!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your own cascarones.

You will need:

 Empty eggshells (with small hole at one end and rinsed from any yolk)

Egg coloring kits, like PAAS (follow their coloring instructions)

Confetti (preferably the paper confetti)
Gift tissue paper (cut in small pieces, big enough to cover the holes on the eggshells)
Glue (Elmer’s glue)

This year we decided to use a different method of decorating the cascarones. Instead of dipping the eggs in the colored water we opted to sponge paint our egg shells. 

The kids loved it! Just be careful because it can get messy and the eggs are very fragile.

The best thing about making your own cascarones is that they can be different and they don’t have to be precise and perfect.

You really can get as creative and fancy as you want! Check these out!

 1. Stripes and stars eggs |2. Florals eggs| 3. Watermelons eggs

After you decorate your cascarones, (let them dry if needed) place the confetti into the eggs.

 I use a spoon to insert the confetti and fill it a 1/3 of the egg.  Some people do glitter, which I do not recommend because it gets everywhere and can be hard to clean up!! 

Next, place a small amount of glue around the rim of the opening. 

Finally, place the piece of tissue paper to cover the hole. And you’re done!! Easy, peezy!!

Our family has fun and can’t wait for this part of the Easter celebration.  Seems like the adults have just as much fun as the kiddos.

Just be ready for the aftermath of the clean up!

I hope you get to make these cascarones and have a little fun with your family, making them and BREAKING them!

Happy Easter crafting!



Design From The Heart, A Cause Worth Caring About

POSTED ON: February 24, 2016, BY Dallas Design Group

This past weekend, Dallas Design Group had the privilege to volunteer with a great foundation here in Dallas, Dwell with Dignity. We were not only honored to work with such a great foundation but our hearts were filled with joy as we worked on projects, that we knew would make a well deserving family very happy! 

 What's Dwell with Dignity, you ask? 

Dwell with Dignity (DWD) is a non-profit organization founded by Lisa Robison, an interior designer, who partnered up with Kim Turner, also an interior designer, to create a charity whose goal is “To bring good design to those less fortunate, inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in”.

 DWD partners up with agencies that help families go from being homeless to self-sufficient.  These agencies nominate the families and DWD, then furnish the families’ homes with items from furniture, accessories, bathroom/kitchen supplies, food in the pantry and even their first night’s meal!

It’s amazing how a GREAT idea and word of mouth can spread and go so far. And it has!

DWD has grown tremendously since April of 2009 and Lisa and Kim have not done it all alone.  Allot of their help comes from hundreds of volunteers and items donated by different sources and the design community.  DWD also raises funds with their successful THRIFT STUDIO which they do twice a year.  Thrift Studio is a 30 day pop-up shop which raises funds by selling the overstock of donated, gently used furniture, housewares, accessories and high end designer finds to the public.  Along with Thrift Studio, they also have corporate sponsors and accept monetary donations.  To find out how you can donate, click here


Check out some of these before and afters of how this all works!

Photography by: Lance Selgo with Unique Exposure Photography

Photography by: Dan Piassick

Incredible, right??  Their main goal is to break the cycle of poverty and what better way than to design a living space that anyone would be proud of, to want to come home to and most importantly, to want to strive in!  If you can change your surroundings, you can definitely step out into the world and feel like you can conquer it all!

 You can view more amazing transformations here.  You will be so amazed!

For any further information please visit www.dwellwithdignity.org

 So DDG was lucky enough to partake on some of the projects for the next install for a 60 year old grandmother who has custody of her five year old grandson.  The install was happening this week, so we were eager to help in any way we could! We can’t wait to see the end result of this family's newly designed home!

 Thanks to Laura Cismesia, and with her knowledge and guidance, she put us to work and we went right to it!

 We were creating artwork, sealing furniture, adding hardware to furniture pieces......

 collaborating ideas, sanding and priming dining chairs and even creating flowers!

We loved it all and we can’t wait to help and be more involved with such a great organization!


If you would like to volunteer find out here how you can help, because after all,


“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” John F. Kennedy





Christmas Gifts, It's a Wrap!

POSTED ON: December 23, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

Christmas is almost here and if you're like many others, like me, you many have not finished wrapping those last minute gifts.

Here are some creative and unique ideas that may have your gift receiver say, "Wow!"


How about some fun tags and embellishments! There are so many unique and great ideas to add a little more pizazz to your gift.


1. Red Ribbon  | 2. Snowflake | 3. Photograph Tags |

4. Puzzle Piece Tags | 5. Wreath Decoration | 6. Ornament Decor

How about some fun wraping papers? There are some very unique ones to choose from, like these! Have fun with it! Why not?! 


1. Music Sheets Paper  | 2. Fun Wrapping Paper | 3. Geomtric Wrapping Paper  | 4. Create Your Own Paper


If color is not your ammo, try these simple yet classic black and white options.


1. Chalk Paper | 2. Brown Paper With Black Ribbon | 3. Black And White  | 4. Black And White Polka Dots


Just for a little more glitz for the season, try these gift wrapping and embellishments ideas to add some shimmer! 

1.  Grey And Golds | 2. White And Copper | 3. Gold Monogram | 4. Gold Deer


I hope you get your creative groove with your gift wrapping! The sky's the limit! 


Happy Holidays!!


Make Your Own Front Door Autumn Wreath

POSTED ON: November 20, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

I love decorating for any season. Fall season is one of my faves because of the beautiful colors you can use throughout your house, inside and outside.  I wanted to give my front door some fall deco love.

This year I went to the very trusty Pinterest app and looked up some great ideas! I found one that had the same, square wood border I bought on clearance at Michaels, back in July!

I was then on the search for an “R” for our last name and I couldn't quite find what I liked, until I visited the Grapevine Wine Fest in September! A vendor, Scott's Stuff, had these beautiful wood carved letters! When I took it home it just happened to fit perfect over the wood border I already had. 

Next, came picking colors. I wanted to take this example I found and make it my own.  I wanted to add color and some sparkle.  I love me some shimmer!!

I used the following spray paints:

Champagne Mist by Rust-Oleum, for the “R” | Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon, for the outer border | Pure Gold by Rust-Oleum for the pumpkins

Now time to paint!! Make sure you don’t get too close when you spray paint. You want an even smooth coat.  Spray paint about 10” away from your items. Move your hand steadily as you spray and make sure you don’t stay in one spot, to avoid running or clumping.

After the paint dries completely, glued the border and letter together.  I used JB Weld Epoxy, which worked very well and glues in one hour! Make sure you don’t get any on your fingers. Smile

After painting and gluing the border and letter together comes the pretty stuff! I purchased some items from Dollar Tree, Walmart and Michaels! I gathered my items and decided what I did and did not want to use.  I placed my items where they would look good together.  After I was happy with the placement, I started gluing everything down with hot glue. I then added a burlap bow and voila! This is probably the easiest wreath to do!

I’m loving the end result! My door is ready for fall!!

Here are some other great and different wreaths that I love and may attempt later. You could even use these fall looks and transform one into a Christmas wreath! 

1. Rustic burlap wreath by The Creative Gypsy | 2. Whimsical wreath by Confessions of A Serial Diyer 3. Gold gilded wreath by Happy Chantilly | 4. Square wreath by BNND | 5. Feather and Sequins by Nest of Posies 

I hope you find the prettiest fall wreath for your front door! Happy Fall, ya’ll!!



Junius Heights 9th Annual Home Tour

POSTED ON: November 10, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

When I was little, my parents used to drive us around the nicer neighborhoods and we would look at the homes. I would always wonder what their interiors looked like.  It was always so fascinating to me.  When it would get darker in the evening, if you were lucky, you could catch a glimpse and see inside even better! Luckily for me, our Dallas area has many historical neighborhood committees that allow homes to be featured on some amazing tours. I've had the privilege to experience several now with my daughter, Alex. This weekend, for the first time, we experienced the Junius Heights 9th Annual Home Tour and it did not disappoint! Junius Heights is Dallas' largest historic district, a neighborhood of more than 800 homes in East Dallas, Texas. All homes were incredible but Alex and I narrowed it down to our top three.... And here they are! Enjoy!! 

6102 Gaston Ave |1924

This home really caught my eye! And how couldn't it!! The current owner has it decked out with furniture and accessories from his travels from all around the world!  It was incredible! Every inch of the house had an incredible find, after incredible find.  

As I was walking through the living area, I heard one woman tell another woman, "That's what I see, when I'm walking past this house! That boat, at the window!!" I guess I'm not the only one peeking thru windows!

Your jaw dropped from the very beginning of this home.  These two large mermaid sconces were from a hotel in Miami! There were two of these incredible pieces that planked the dining window, giving this room a great dramatic affect.

The breakfast nook has this incredibly large backed bench which fit perfect in this space! Oversized and all! As you go up the stairs you find more, great world travel finds, literally all along the stairwell wall! And every bedroom was decked with beautiful furniture pieces. Your eye couldn't catch it all! I feel like I need to go back and see what I missed.

703 N. Glasgow Dr. |1923

This next house, we fell in love had such charm and eloquent thought to its design! Just almost complete, this newly renovated home had beautiful windows that captivate your eye from the street. The living room entices you with a two way fireplace, which on the other side, is the patio that is literally in the center of the home! Just fab!


The sleek kitchen is just precise and perfect, ready for some great entertaining! The unique master bathroom incorporates a beautifully designed shower/tub area with a wall to wall shower niche. 

The bathrooms were all completely modern and stylish! The handsomely designed powder room was certainly a head turner! And, how can you not love the "sweet" doggy room! Too cute for any four legged friend, it was thoughtfully designed, dog wallpaper and all!!

5601 Eastside Ave |1926-The former St. John’s Methodist Church

Lastly, this "home" was amazing! Once a church, the new homeowner kept many of the original architecturals!! You literally feel like it's still a church with the cathedral ceiling, gothic inspired carvings and stained glass windows.

Once you enter, you are greeted by an open area which is the living room, dining, kitchen. The details, existing and newly designed, kept your eye in amazement as you toured the home. The cathedral ceiling along with original cabinetry and doors were purely beautiful! 

The upstairs greeted you with some beautiful beams and trusses! The larger beams consisted of five 1xs which I hadn't seen before. It made for an interesting look. For now, the upstairs is all open. Can't imagine, what they'll do with it!


Kitchen and mud room were added and they seem to have kept a lot of the church's beautiful charm. 

Now, what really catches your eye both in the exterior and interior, have to be the windows!! Can you say, Amen!?? They were simply mesmerizing! 

This tour was definitely one for the books! I can’t wait to visit next year’s tour with my little Alex!

For more information visit http://www.juniusheights.org/

See you at next year’s Junius Heights’ tour! 

Halloween Inspired Jewelry

POSTED ON: October 29, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

Are you ready for Halloween?  If you want to bring a little Halloween into your life, you can do so with some Halloween inspired jewelry! Whether you want to incorporate it in your everyday fashion or dress it up for a shin ding, these pieces will sure make some heads turn.

  1. Shining Night-Anzie's Silver Gunmetal Drusy and Black Onyx Earrings
  2. Hash Horn Earrings by Joanique @ Anthropologie 
  3. Jacqueline Cullen 
  4. Kendra Scott Deva Statement Earrings in Black Twilight
  5. Jewels du Jour
  6. Reynolds Jewelers
  1. Spiked Bib Necklace 
  2. Arrow Head Necklace Crystal Quartz Black Obsidian by Pink Twig
  3. Black and Ivory Moon Shape
  4. Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace in Black Drusy
  5. The Jewels of L'Oeuvre Noire and The Leathers of L'Oeuvre- Scented Jewelry by Kilian Hennessy
  1. Svpply
  2. Double Wrap Sliced Leather Bracelet-LPCollection
  3. Fendi Black Pair of Bracelets 
  4. Soo Ihn Kim Jinx Cuff
  1. Emma Stone
  2. Chunky Layered Navy Blue Amber Orange Beaded Statement Necklace and Earrings
  3. Emilio Pucci Gold and Orange Cuff
  4. Orange and Pale Blue Gold Earrings Orange Blue by Olive Yew Jewels 
  5. Catherine Nicole Carnelian Gemstone Ring 
  6. Francesca Collections

Aren't these great pieces? You can truly wear them any time, year-round!!

Happy jewelry shopping!!

FALL in Love - Part II

POSTED ON: October 23, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group






Warm Hearts:

Here in Texas, you never know what you'll get, but one things for sure, you want to be prepared for cool weather. Have blankets ready for your guest to snuggle in during the ceremony or reception. Hot chocolate and hand warmers will be a hit! And if any of those fail, have a campfire!!

1. Bridal Musings

2. Keep Guests Warm

3. raeannkelly.com

4. Capitol Romance

As well as the guests staying warm, the bride and bridal party should stay warm, yet stylish.  A flannel shirt, a beautiful leather jacket, stunning furs or even a jean jacket will keep the beautiful bridal party warm!! 

1. Lisa Fitts Photography via Project Wedding

2.Cassidy Brooke via Ruffled Blog

3. Teneil Kable via Ruffled Blog

4. onelove photo

5. Forest Romance

How Sweet It Is:

Sweets' table are a huge hit now a days. But going in a different direction will wow your guests. Who wouldn’t want a piece of pie in the fall? Or fix their own hot chocolate? What about some popcorn? Or even donuts?? I love it all!

1. Pie Dessert Bar

2. The Berry

3. ElegantWeddingInvites

4. Catch My Party

Bring On the Bubbly!

Personalizing bar ware adds a sense of personality to any party! These are very easy touches to add to the bar.  Your guest will sure to remember personalized coasters with your picture on them and these personalized koozies that can be used at the wedding and also be a take home gift.  I personally love these cute, fun facts cocktail napkins.  Have them randomly stacked at the bar, and your guests will for sure try to get all the fun facts collected every time they hit bar!!


2. Plastic Cups

3. Wedding Coasters

4. Koozies

5. Napkins

Make It Sparkle

Add some gold tones and sparkle to your big day! Gold tones go perfect with any fall color palette.  Add gold paint to leaves, pinecones, or even pumpkins.   You can also add sparkle with sparklers or a cute LOVE sign! And last but not least, add some gold sugar to your wedding champagne flutes.

1.  modwedding.com

2. Glamorous Wedding

3. Pris and Juan get hitched

4. Photo by Ashley Kelemen via Style Me Pretty

5. Seating Charts

6. Kristyn Hogan Photography

I hope you fell in love with some of these fall wedding ideas!!



FALL in Love

POSTED ON: October 22, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

Nothing says warm and cozy in your heart like a fall wedding! If you are planning on doing a fall wedding, here are some inspirations to make your day even more memorable!

Color Schemes:

When picking out a color scheme you should take in consideration of the season.  Fall season has a large range of beautiful color combinations. You can do deep tones or soft pastels. Here are some of my favorites. 

Setting the Mood

You want your guests to feel the love in the air! Use candles with vases that have designs and they will illuminate your table beautifully.  If weather permits, using the outdoors adds more of that fall weather ambience. Candles on the floor in a container can also add to the warmth of the event.

1. Kelly and Stan Crawford reception

2. Joy Neville Photography

3. Kensington Ryan

4. Indeed Decor

5. Frances Photography /Reign Magazine. Styled by Alexan Events

6. Pop Sugar

Table settings with flowers and candles can be done in a variety of ways.  Whether you do tall arrangements in a clear vase, or a short arrangement in an urn or aged box it will sure add beauty to any table setting.  An abundance of candles will also be a perfect touch!

1. Project Wedding

2. Deer Pearl Flowers 

3. Wedding Chicks

4. Wedding Bee

5. The Knot

Make It Personal

Special and personalized touches will make your guests feel extra special. It’s all about the details!

Adding fun pictures of the couple is always fun to see. Making personal touches like designing your own stamp, personalizing keepsakes like wine glass rings or even something sweet, like a take home s’more will really impress your guests.

1. Joy Neville Photography

2. Rustic Wedding Chic

3. Love is in the Air

4. From Appalachia

5. Ten Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love



Check Back Tomorrow for Part Two Of "Fall in Love"!!!









DIY Halloween Decor

POSTED ON: October 12, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

Halloween is upon us and there’s just something about letting your imagination run wild with costumes and decorations! In searching for some new ideas last year, I came across one of my favorite blogs and fell in love with these cool books for Halloween!

So for last Halloween, my little Alex and I decided to try and make them.

This year we decided to buy more books and make more! So we shopped at our favorite, thrift store, Thrift Town, for some cheap books and went at it!

You can check out Lindsey's step by step tutorial here. They are so easy to make and the best part is that they don't have to be perfect! They should look old and spooky!!

I will say doing these for a second year, I have some very helpful hints.

  1. Using tissue paper is better than paper towels because tissue paper can give a more textured, leathery look.  Also, some of the books have a sheen to them so the paint doesn't stick very well.  The tissue paper (after dried) helps to apply the acrylic paint much better.
  2. Using metallic acrylic paints helps emphasize all the details!!
  3. When you don't have letters or appliqués to adhere to the books, use your hot glue gun to make words or/and spooky designs!!
  4. Also, you want to add paint to the side where the pages are, so it can have an even older look to them.This year though I decided to make a stack of spook books (one day I will have a library of spooky books to display ??). In doing so, these were done a little different than the others, which have the full front cover revamped! Since you only get to see the spines and some of the sides, once glued together, it's less revamping. So what I did first is decide how they would be stacked. Then I glued them together and started the process. You literally just revamp the areas you will see! And then you add a book with the spooky cover, on the end.

Here they are displayed!

So because I can't just stop there, when I was at the thrift store, I saw items that I could use to recreate some of these fab items I saw at Home Goods, some weeks ago!

You ask, why not buy them?? Well, because I like a challengeWink

I found these items and I thought these would be perfect!

So I decided to paint some of the items with a black flat spray paint and a metallic spray paint to paint some of the glass items. 

These are literally two or three pieces hot glued together to create one piece.

So here you go! If you want to get creative and do it on a budget!

Place your newly designed items with your spooky books and voila!!

After you have your spook books and items in place you can add more details. My kiddos added spiders, spider webs and even some cool stones, collected by their Grandma Denise! 

I hope you have your creative juices flowing now, to spruce up your Halloween decor!

When Fashion Speaks Interior Design (3 of 3)

POSTED ON: October 02, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

When Fashion Speaks Interior Design (Part 3 of 3)

Mixing Patterns -Adding interest, color and depth

Mixing patterns is always the most fun to do.  As much as some patterns seem like they might not go together, once they are, it makes so much sense!  Nothing like adding some interest that your eye can marvel in and say, “Wow that actually looks fantastic together!”

21. Simple Details

22. IO Metro

23. Alice & Olivia

24. Rough Luxe Perspective

 Geometric Shapes- Repetition of lines and shapes

I mean, how can you not ooh and aah??  This beautiful dress and these geometric patterned rooms are just so great, you can’t stop staring! Geometric designs can add so much interest to the design of a room. It makes your eye want to see more.

25. Thakoon

26. InStyle

27. Interior Designer Pierre Yovanovitch, transforms the floors of rooms and Parisian hotels with geometric patterns.

Architecture/Structure: The complex or carefully designed structure of something

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions” –Coco Chanel

Designer Alberta Ferreti used the Renaissance period for inspiration to create such beautiful gowns. I’m a big fan of such architectural details in buildings that these dresses really jumped at me. Simply amazing! Such structure yet, femininity.  Love, love, love!!

28. Alberta Ferreti

29. Alberta Ferreti

30. Italian Renaissance dining room

31. Fontainebleau - the royal residence

32. Alberta Ferreti

I Hope You Enjoyed My Journey Through Fashion Week!!





When Fashion Speaks Interior Design (2 of 3)

POSTED ON: October 01, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

When Fashion Speaks Interior Design (Part 2 of 3)

Glitz and Shimmer -A touch of fancy!

“You musn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling”-Kirsten Kalhr

It’s always fun to add a little glamour in your life.  It kind of makes you feel like a celebrity! In my opinion, the shinier, the better!

11. Dallas Design Group, Interiors

12. Tid Bits and Twine

13. Altuzarra

14. Alice & Olivia

15. Michael Kors 

Neutrals-Colors or shades, especially light gray or beige

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic”- Iman

Neutrals will always be a classic and timeless color scheme. You can never go wrong with these colors!

Neutrals don’t have to be boring or blah…When you mix and match shapes, textures and materials you can always hit a neutral room or ensemble out of the park!

16. Dallas Design Group, Interiors

17. Dallas Design Group, Interiors

18. Jason Wu

19. Ralph Lauren

20. Marissa Webb

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When Fashion Speaks Interior Design (1 of 3)

POSTED ON: September 30, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

When Fashion Speaks Interior Design (Part 1 of 3)

Besides architecture and interior design, my other passion is FASHION!! Fashion Week (Fall) 2015 was in full effect and some of the ensembles, are jaw dropping! Once I started looking closely at some of my favorite looks, I somehow saw interior design come through a lot of these great pieces. And why not? Fashion can most definitely influence interior design and vice versa!

Take a look at these rooms that could be inspired by some of my favorite looks from Fashion Week!

Pastels-Soft and delicate shades of a color

Pastels are no longer only for nurseries and/or kids’ rooms. You can use lovely pastels in any room for a soothing, soft feeling. Whether you wear pastels or live within them, you will always feel light and airy!

  1. Alexandre Vauthier
  2. Tibi
  3. Cushine Et Ochs
  4. Horchow
  5. Better Homes and Gardens
  6. Alice T. Chan

Bolds-Having a strong or vivid appearance

“Color can raise the dead”-Iris Apfe

And I agree with Ms. Iris, it sure can! Why not go bold and loud with your home and your wardrobe. It will be sure to make a statement. Don’t be afraid of color, it’s not afraid of you……..Go bold or go home!!

7. Luis Antonio

8. Design Sponge

9. Erin Foster

10.Better Home and Gardens

Check Back Tomorrow For Part 2 of My Blog!!

Keep The Old, And Revamp To New

POSTED ON: September 10, 2015, BY Dallas Design Group

HI!! My name is Priscilla Rodriguez and I’ve been at DDGI for almost 15 years!! I guess I’ve always known Interior Design and Architecture were in my blood; I remember building my own dollhouse out of a cardboard box at the age of 10! I even made the furniture to go in it!!  Kind of seems to go hand in hand with my life today. You see, I am part of the incredible computer drafting team, who helps our clients’ envision their homes even before the dirt is poured. And I’m also a DIY mother of two.  So, I get my LOVE for architecture and design both at work and at home.

Here’s one of my favorite DIY pieces that I’ve done so far...

Have you ever flipped through catalogs or searched websites and came upon a beautiful piece of furniture that was beyond your budget?  Well, working with high end interior designers, my eye always catches extravagant pieces like these, ranging from $500 to $2500!!....outside of my daily budget! 

3 Drawer Chest with Silver Nail-head Trim by Coast to Coast Accents

Cabrillo Nail head Dresser by Bernhardt Interiors 

But lucky for my pocketbook, I’m a thrifty buyer at heart.  After seeing those prices and not finding quite the right size for my closet, I opted to go to my local thrift store, and, my thrift store never seems to fail me! I found the piece I was looking for.... (drum roll please) $35.00!!!! Can you imagine the happy dance I did? 

Now I had to figure out how to make this look like a million bucks!

After searching online I came across other DIY nail head cabinets. To my surprise, many makeovers used thumbtacks instead of nail heads (which can add to the cost). So, I opted to purchase gold toned thumbtacks. As far as for the paint, I knew I wanted a neutral color. Lucky for me, one of my friends gave me left over gray paint and it was just the perfect color I needed! 

Next came the design….I love damask pattern, so I quickly searched a design and came up with the perfect look for what I was imagining.  I was able to draw the design in CAD and size it to what I needed.

Them came the elbow work! Luckily, this piece was in great condition! I really didn’t have to fix anything. When doing a project like this, you must do the prep work correctly. First, I sanded the cabinet and primed it. I had to do a few times to smooth any imperfections. After waiting a day for dry time, I painted the gray, flat paint on the entire piece. I waited another day to make sure paint was dry and decided not to do a seal the finished product because I really wanted to keep the paint looking flat.

Now, came the fun, yet hard part. I placed my stencil carefully on to the painted cabinet. I made sure it was centered and started outlining the design with a pencil.  

Finally, the tedious part of nailing hundreds of thumbtacks! I had to be careful NOT to make too many holes and in the process banging my fingers (can you say ouch?) After a few hours of hammering maybe some close calls to my fingers, it was done!!!


This was the breakdown of the cost of this makeover:  

                        $35.00 (Cabinet)

                        $5.00   (thumb tacks)

                        $0.00   (paint given by friend)

                        $0.00   (primer from previous projects)

           +           Patience and some elbow work


Total= $40.00 and a Proud owner of a Nailhead dresser

Do you have a piece of furniture that you want to add some character to? Try this method! You won’t be disappointed!